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Fullscreen Apple CarPlay Upgrade


Ever wanted to enjoy Apple CarPlay and some of its apps like Waze or Google Maps in full screen view? See the information below to find out if you're car is compatible with our Fullscreen Apple Carplay Activation.

Please note this upgrades your existing Apple Carplay installation from the 3/4 screen standard to Fullscreen.


Please make sure you have the correct firmware version before buying this product, to check your firmware version please follow the instructions below.
Go to "Navigation" > Choose "Map" > Press Options button > Select "Navigation settings" > Scroll down to "Position and Version" > Select "Version Information".
If your firmware starts with the letter N, O, P, Q, R, S, U, V, W, X or any following letter after . e.g. NBTevo_N then your firmware is compatible.

Note - you are only purchasing the upgrade from Standard Apple CarPlay to Fullscreen and not the complete solution if you require Fullscreen Apple CarPlay and activation please see our other products.

Installation Requirements

Please ensure you have access to a Laptop, which is either Windows 10 or Macbook (Running Windows 10 via Virtual Machine).

When purchasing this product you will receive an email containing your Apple CarPlay activation details, including simple step by step instructions on how to activate it. Please note we also include the required OBD ENET Cable within this package and this will be shipped also.

Access to an external stable Wi-Fi connection is required

Alternatively if you would like the above install by us, please contact us prior to purchasing to arrange an appointment.

Work devices may not compatible due to company restrictions and policies installed, its advised to use a personal device and any additional troubleshooting/support will be provided at an additional cost

Note - Returns/Refunds are not applicable with this product due to Files/Activation Codes being bound to the vehicles VIN once ordered.

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