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NBT EVO ID4-ID6 Software Flash


Updating your iDrive software is only required in a limited range of situations. For example, if you want to activate a specific feature (like Apple CarPlay & updated iDrive 6 GUI  which are included in this package), but it isn't supported by your vehicle's current software version, updating your software could be the answer. It may also be the solution when running into compatibility issues with third-party hardware that isn't designed to work with older iDrive software versions.

Without a clear goal in mind or a specific problem that needs fixing, your BMW will almost always require a software update.


Please note compatibility is limited with this product as it requires your vehicle to be specced with NBT Evo head unit with ID4 Software (Professional Navigation Option 8.8"). In other words, your BMW needs to have the iDrive 4 version of on-board computer and operating system. Typically this is found in vehicles from 2016, 2015 or 2014 with recent technology, your vehicle may only have the older head unit hardware, regular NBT. If your unsure please enquire within and we will be happy to help.


With this service we will require you to book the vehicle in question in with us for an appointment, as this process takes around 45-50 minutes and will require connectivity directly to the vehicle.

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