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Welcome to the Defined Coding Frequently Asked Questions.
Here you will find answers to Some of the most common questions and concerns that our customers have! Please take a look to see if your question is explained and answered below.


What are the most popular options people have coded?
This all depends on the vehicle spec from factory. but typically people opt for items like,

  • Rear DRLs enabled
  • Door handle LEDs illuminated when in reverse
  • Acoustic beep on lock and unlock of the vehicle
  • One touch mirrors - automatically folding on single press of key fob
  • Rolls Royce and BMW-i warning sounds in the cockpit
  • Reverse camera towbar zoom, speed activation removal
  • Apple CarPlay and our Fullscreen Apple CarPlay activation also
  • Enable Video Playback Via USB Port
  • Video/DVD Playback In Motion

Can you do this remotely?
Absolutely, that's the benefit of choosing our services. All we need to do the work remotely is a windows laptop (you will need to have administrator credentials) and an ENET to OBDII cable (available with all remote packages).

I don't have a laptop, can i come to you for coding?
Yes you can! we have 2 installation locations X and Y

Why don't BMW provide these services?
Sadly BMWs sales model doesn't allow them to retrofit and code options into vehicles after the point of sale.

Can you code my E series BMW?
Sadly we are unable to carry out coding and diagnostics on BMWs that pre date the F chassis.

Can you code my Mini?
As long as it is an F chassis mini, we can certainly code this for you. Sadly we cannot code the R chassis minis.


Can you retrofit Cruise Control?
Yes this is generally available for most F-Chassis BMWs that did not come with it from factory. You will need the steering wheel controls fitting and the vehicle coded to make use of them.

Do you sell a full Professional Navigation Retrofit package?
Absolutely. We can supply, fit and code a genuine BMW Professional Navigation system to your compatible vehicle.

I'm looking to upgrade my headlights to adaptive units, do I need coding?
Yes you will. the car will need to be told that you have the additional functionality in the vehicle. You will also need to make sure you have the correct sensors/cameras in the cars windscreen.

I have Adaptive suspension and want to swap to non adaptive coilovers what do I need to do?
Once your suspension has ben swapped out, we can then code the car to turn off the adaptive suspension system. With coding this out it will prevent the vehicle from displaying an error which would in turn disable the use of Sport and Sport+ modes.

I'm swapping to bucket seats, can you help with the airbag/pretensioner errors?
Absolutely. This is something we get asked for regularly. Especially with those who are building a track focussed vehicle.


Can you install CarPlay Remotely?
Absolutely, you can utilise our self-install packages. All you'll need to obtain Apple CarPlay is a Windows 10 laptop (you will need to have administrator credentials) and an ENET to OBDII cable (available with all remote packages) and any remaining hardware we provide e.g. Wi-Fi Antenna if required etc.

Can you activate CarPlay on iDrive 4?
Providing your system supports it, we can flash your system to either iDrive 5/6 and then Activate and install Apple CarPlay, if your unsure please get in-touch.

What does Fullscreen CarPlay do?
Essentially, this makes the car play screen utilise the entire width of the Professional Navigation screen. This service can be done remotely.

I've seen Apple CarPlay on a business navigation system, can I have the same?
Yes and no! this is a very limited option and is available only to very few cars that were built with a specific variant of the ENTRYNAV2 headunit. We offer a service where we physically check suitability for your car. Should your car be compatible the checking service fee is deducted from the cost of car play installation.

If you still need further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact us page or via out social media channel