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Here at Defined Coding, we provide a unique experience coding and enhancing features on a wide range vehicles. Currently we specialise within the BMW, MINI COOPER & ROLLS ROYCE GROUP feel free to get in touch to find out what features we can add to your vehicle. We have been coding for over 4 years and has a great depth of knowledge when it comes to reliable accurate coding, as well as providing sound technical advice. Like you we are car enthusiasts and are always open to a conversation about the latest and greatest. Feel free to get in touch to find out what features we can add to your vehicle or to see if we can help resolve any issues you might be facing.


As you can see by the map located below, all the locations marked with an anchor are where we've coded some of the most individual performance cars you could ever imagine. Our services are available both remotely and globally meaning you can receive any of our various packages at any location. We have a great customer base in the UK and are actively part of several enthusiast groups where we regularly participate in events.


At the bottom of our home page you'll find some links to a selected range of brands we've decided to partner up with, bringing you some of best products and services available in the automotive industry. We will be publishing more information around our partnership scheme and how this can benefit our clients