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Essential Coding Package - Remote

Installation Method
Enhance your BMW vehicle by activating features and functions that are not enabled at the factory when the car is built. With our Essential Coding Package these options can be turned on to further individualise your vehicle. Our basic outline below will give you a brief understanding of what can be performed and some of the features commonly selected by our customers.

In order for us to code your vehicle remotely you will require an OBD ENET II Cable and compatible laptop running Windows 10, if you do not have a cable you can select the option to purchase one when adding this to your cart.

Coding Options List 1

Video/DVD In Motion (NBT/NBT EVO Professional Navigation Required)
Enable XVID, XVCD, OGG codec for USB video playback – NBT/NBT EVO Navigation Only (Video Playback Possible From
USB Flash Drive/SSD Hard Drive/Android Devices)
Screen Mirroring & Miracast (Android Devices Only) – 2017+ Models (Professional Navigation Only)
Enable The Ability To Use Office Functionality While Driving (Requires BMW Office)
Turn On Zoom Feature For Rear View Camera
Disable Legal Disclaimers (Startup, Cameras, Etc.)
Enable Torque & Power Meters via iDrive (Default On ///M Cars)
Enable Tire Pressure & Temperature via iDrive (Default On ///M Cars)
Transfer iPhone’s Ringtone To Vehicle (Only Works With iPhones)
Enable M-Performance Logo On Startup, Instead BMW Logo – 2014+ Models Only (Default On ///M Cars)
Change BMW Sounds/Gongs To Mini, Rolls Royce or BMW-i – 2014+ Models Only
Disable Active Sound
Disable TPMS (If You Change Your Wheels) – Can Enable FTM (Measuring Based Off Wheel Rotation)
Disable Seat Belt Chimes & Reminders
Close Windows & Sunroof With KeyFob
Fold/Unfold Side Mirrors With KeyFob & Comfort Access
Fold Side Mirrors As Soon As The Vehicle Is Locked
Disable Window Safety (Allows One Touch Up Window Operation W/Door Open)
Unlock All Doors When The Vehicle Is Turned Off
Radio/Nav Turns Off When Door Is Opened (After Pressing Stop Button Once)

Coding Options List 2

Radio/Navigation Turns Off When Door Is Opened (After Pressing Stop Button Once)
Disable Horn From Beeping If You Lock The Vehicle While The Engine Is Running
Close Trunk From Key & Interior Button (F15, F16, F25, F26, F31, F34, F36, Only)
Disable Top Speed Restriction For Opening/Closing Convertible Top
Disable Auto Start/Stop (A.S.S) OR Code It To Last Memory Setting
Remove Light Errors (Caused By Aftermarket LED Lights, etc.)
Enable European High Beam Assist (Requires High Beam Assist And Adaptive LED Headlights)
Enable Taillights As Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), In Addition To Angel Eyes
Enable Fog Lights As Welcome Lights
Disable Amber Sidemarkers (Still Work As Turn Signals)
Run High Beams & Fog Lights Simultaneously
Change ‘One Touch’ Lane Change Count From 3 Blinks to 5 (Firmware Dependant)
Enable Brake Force Braking (Flashing Taillights Activated With Heavy Braking)
Enable Door Handle Lights To Come On When Car Is Put In Reverse
Enable Fog Light Functionality While The Light Switch Is In The Parking Light Position
Digital Speedometer (Default On ///M Cars)
Enable ///M Performance Logo In The Gauge Cluster
Enable GTS Logo In The Gauge Cluster
Disable Top Speed Restriction For Cameras (Can Be Used While Driving)
Add Sports+ Mode (If Vehicle Does Not Have It Already)
Euro OR GTS MDM (///M Cars Only)


2014+ F80 BMW M3
2014+ F82/F83 BMW M4
2016+ F82 BMW M2
2018+ F82 BMW M2 Competition
2014+ F20/F21 BMW 1 Series
2014+ F22/F23 BMW 2 Series
2014+ F30/F31 BMW 3 Series
2014+ F32/F33 BMW 4 Series
2017+ G01 BMW X3
2017+ G01 BMW X3
2017+ G02 BMW X4
2017+ G05 BMW X5
2015+ F85 BMW X5
2015+ F86 BMW X6
2017+ G11/G12 BMW 7 Series
2012+ F12/F13 BMW M6
2011+ F10 BMW M5
2018+ F90 BMW M5 Competition
2018+ F90 BMW M5 Competition

Remote Requirements

Please note for this package to be carried out remotely ensure you have access to a Laptop, which is either Windows 10 or Macbook (Running Windows 10 via Virtual Machine).

Access to an external stable WiFi connection is required

Work devices may not compatible due to company restrictions and policies installed, its advised to use a personal device and any additional troubleshooting/support will be provided at an additional cost

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