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BMW M3/M4CS - DME Software

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What is it

Looking to add some extra power and performance to your BMW M3/M4 Competition without the hassle of a full remap or DME unlocking? Look no further than the OEM M3/M4 CS DME Flash. With a 33-40hp increase at 6,250rpm and maximum torque of 550nm between 2,350 and 5,500rpm, this modest power upgrade will take your driving experience to the next level.

The Technical Stuff

The M3/M4 CS DME Flash upgrades your M3/M4 Competition's engine tune to match the increased output of the M3/M4 CS. This results in a peak power increase of 33-40hp and maximum torque of 550nm for a wider rev range.

The best part is that this upgrade uses the OEM CS calibration, meaning that your DME does not need to be unlocked. This makes the upgrade a much simpler process, while still providing a substantial power gain.

COMPATIBILITY - 2018+ F82/F83 BMW M4 Competition
COMPATIBILITY - 2018+ F80 BMW M3 Competition

What’s Included

This package includes the M3/M4CS DME Flash, which can be completed in person or remotely. Our team will ensure that all necessary checks are taken to provide a smooth upgrade to the new software during your appointment.

If you're interested in any of our other packages, this is the perfect opportunity to have them installed as well.

Upgrade your BMW M3/M4 Competition with the M3/M4CS DME Flash and experience the power and performance you've been craving. Contact us today to schedule your upgrade.