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BMW GTS/CS Coding Package - Remote

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Installation Method: Remote (Windows 10 Laptop Required)


Transform your BMW M2C/M3/M4 with our GTS & CS Software flashes for performance akin to the M4/M3 CS or GTS. No need for a new car, just a powerful upgrade.

The Technical Stuff

The GTS & CS Software flashes are designed to optimize various components of your vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU). We offer flashes for the following,

CS/GTS DCT Flash -  Reduced kangaroo changes. Improved Sports/Sports+ modes, gear shift sharpness and feel. On competition pack cars, your burbles will change to match the M4 GTS/CS burbles.

CS/GTS Electronic Power Steering - Stiffened feel to steering for improved control and handling with more advanced power assist.

CS/GTS Traction Control - 
More slip in MDM before power is cut/reduced and allows improved traction control setting and drift characteristics.

CS/GTS Rear Differential - 
Improved initial take off, cornering and stability.

Each flash is designed to improve your vehicle's performance, from reduced kangaroo changes to improved power assist and better handling.


Our flashes are compatible with the following BMW models:

2014+ F80 BMW M3
2014+ F82/F83 BMW M4
2016+ F87 BMW M2
2018+ F87 BMW M2 Competition

What’s Included

To take advantage of our GTS & CS Software flashes, simply book your vehicle in with us for an appointment. Once your order has been confirmed, you'll receive a booking confirmation email that includes the appointment time and our address.

Experience the same level of performance as the M4/M3 CS or GTS without the need to purchase a whole new car. Upgrade your BMW M3/M4's performance and enjoy a more exhilarating driving experience today!

Remote Requirements

To use our remote BMW coding services, you'll need a personal laptop running either Windows 10/11 or Mac OS (with Windows 10 installed via a virtual machine).

You'll also need access to a reliable external WiFi connection to ensure a stable connection during the coding process.

Please note that company devices may not be compatible due to installed restrictions and policies. We recommend using a personal device. Any additional troubleshooting or support will be available at an additional cost.