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What is it

Experience a new level of driving awareness with our KAFAS SLI FSC Retrofit Coding. This cutting-edge solution allows you to display Speed Limit Information directly inside your instrument cluster, leveraging the capabilities of your vehicle's KAFAS Camera hardware. Elevate your driving experience by staying informed and in control, ensuring a safer and more connected journey.

Technical Stuff

Our retrofit coding for KAFAS SLI FSC brings a seamless integration of Speed Limit Information functionality to compatible vehicles. Utilizing the advanced features of the KAFAS Camera hardware, this retrofit allows real-time detection and display of speed limits on your instrument cluster. The technical implementation ensures accurate and up-to-date information, enhancing your driving experience with a valuable layer of intelligent assistance.

What's Included

With our KAFAS SLI FSC Retrofit Coding package, you receive a comprehensive solution that includes:

OEM FSC Activation: Our package includes an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) FSC (Feature Specific Coding) Activation file, sourced directly from BMW. This genuine coding file ensures authenticity and compatibility, allowing you to unlock the Speed Limit Information feature seamlessly.

Detailed Installation Instructions: Step-by-step guidance on implementing the retrofit coding, making the process smooth and accessible.

Compatibility Assurance: We verify the compatibility of your vehicle's KAFAS Camera hardware to guarantee a seamless integration of the Speed Limit Information feature.

Ongoing Support: Our commitment doesn't end with the purchase. Enjoy continuous support to address any queries or concerns during the retrofitting process.

Upgrade your driving experience with our KAFAS SLI FSC Retrofit Coding and bring a new dimension of intelligence to your instrument cluster, enhancing both safety and convenience on the road.