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KOMBI Firmware Flash

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What is it

The BMW KOMBI instrument cluster is a crucial component of your car's dashboard, providing important information about your vehicle's performance and status.

However, outdated firmware can often cause glitches and malfunctions in the system, compromising its accuracy and reliability. To address this issue, we offer a comprehensive firmware update service for the BMW KOMBI instrument cluster, ensuring that it operates at its full potential.

The Technical Stuff

Our firmware update service involves a complete overhaul of your BMW KOMBI instrument cluster's software, replacing the outdated firmware with the latest version.

This process is carried out by our team of experienced technicians, who use advanced diagnostic tools to access the KOMBI system and update the firmware accordingly. Once the update is complete, we carry out extensive testing to ensure that the instrument cluster is functioning perfectly.

What’s Included

Our KOMBI instrument cluster firmware update service includes the following:

  • Full diagnostic scan of the instrument cluster
  • Removal of the KOMBI unit from the car
  • Firmware update using the latest software
  • Testing and validation of the updated instrument cluster
  • Reinstallation of the KOMBI unit into the car